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With Chapters, your wisdom is easily captured and life experiences immortalized.  We have streamlined the complexities of publishing to quickly bring your manuscript to life.

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    Rapid Manuscript Creation:

    In as little as 90 days, your life's experiences 
    and invaluable insights will be expertly woven into a compelling narrative.

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    Editorial Perfection:

    Benefit from the guidance from your experienced editor to ensure manuscript perfection. A concierge approach you will love.

At Chapters.io, we are redefining what it means to be an author. With us, you’re not just writing a book—you’re crafting a living manuscript that evolves and grows throughout your life’s chapters.

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Manuscript Package

Two Convenient Pricing Options:

Standard Package

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Prepaid Package

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  • 40,000+ Word Manuscript: Comprehensive book manuscript creation.
  • Dedicated Editor: Personalized editorial support throughout the process.
  • Design & Formatting: Professional design and formatting of your book.

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Frequently asked

Why Choose Chapters?
Chapters simplifies the publishing process, allowing you to focus on sharing your expertise while we handle the complexities. Our AI-powered tools and expert editors ensure your manuscript is polished to perfection.

Will I Have a Dedicated Editor?
Absolutely! You will have a dedicated and accomplished editor guiding you through the entire process to ensure editorial integrity and excellence.

How Long Will It Take to Complete My Book?
Your book can be completed in 90 days or less with our efficient blend of AI technology and dedicated human editors.

What Is My Time Commitment?
Our streamlined process requires approximately 20 hours of your time, allowing you to balance your writing with other responsibilities.

Can Chapters Help with Social Media and Blog Content?
Yes! We offer a Monthly Content Package that includes social media posts, blogs, and quarterly white papers to keep your audience engaged and your online presence strong.